Anya Kern Designer
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H2O+ Branding


H2O+ Relaunch

Branding design

H2O+ Beauty is a global skincare brand going through brand relaunch in 2019. The goal of the relaunch is to elevate the brand image and introduce a new clean formula. New brand image needs to speak to a more mature audience of late millennials, who have more buying power and knowledgable of the brand.

MY ROLE:  I worked in-house with a branding agency Noise 13 to bring to life their vision of the new brand look. I worked on creating color palettes, typography treatment, brand elements, tools for marketing and sales materials.

SKILLS/TOOLS: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Presentation visualization, typography, layout, iconography, art direction.



Style Guide

This 12 page Style Guide features branding and marketing design elements, with a simple discription of how they can be used and what mood they need to bring to the overall image of the brand. This Style Guide is the first stage of developing in-house hands-on visual brand library.

Style Guide is a living and breathing document that needs to be reviewed every half a year. Some of the elements might not be working for the brand, while new ones might come. Some ideas might be a trend that will fade out. So revisions of the style book is a necessity.

Vertical layout of the document was chosen in order to underline the new vertical logo layout. Also this brand tends to be printed in house, that’s why the vertical layout is something that most of the people are more used to.