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Landing page + Brand features

Stitch labs is an inventory management tool for high-growth brands. It allows to create unique, flexible workflows that empower to adapt, respond, and achieve lasting growth. Its multi-channel & integrate-with-everything systems help managing and selling inventory efficiently across multi-channel business.

For this project I created a landing page and a variety of reusable branded design features to use for template landing pages.

MY ROLE:  Create a responsive reusable landing page for Stitch Labs vendors/partners. Create the first draft of the brand Style Guide that represents the features that the brand already uses and the new features that will elevate the brand.

SKILLS/TOOLS: Sketch, Photoshop, InvisionApp, Google Slides, typography, layout, iconography, UX design.



Branding Features

Creating a unique voice or a brand is an ongoing process in some cases. I created a set of reusable branded design features for Stitch Labs, so that their future designs look more consistent and up to design trends.

Flexibility and readability were the main goals for this template landing page.

Marketing Landing Page

See prototype >

A multi-functional platform Stitch Labs has lots of vendors that they integrate with. For this project I created a reusable landing page which block can be mixed and matched and the amount of info listed can vary depending on needs.

Flexibility in content boxes and skimming eye readability were the main goals for this template landing page.

Embrace the shapre
Volume for flat objects

Stitch Labs shared information with their potential customers mainly through impersonal screenshots. In order to bring some life to the flat screenshots, I created a couple versions of reusable templates for their screenshot sharing.


Stitch Labs’ target audience is small to mid size retail businesses in a stage of high growth. Growth is the word that is used in the mission and vision of the company, growth is a selling point for customers, growth is what determines Stitch Labs. Angle as a metaphor for growth chart can be used in a variety of design elements. Here you can see a subtle background change that can be used to split sections on the page.

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